#106: hurricanes

please know that i am yours to keep,
my beautiful girl

almost done with classes for the semester!!! just left with two more evo classes then i’ll be fully into finals season and aAAAaAAaaa it’s a really crazy time but i think i’m in a good place w all my things (except the heretics paper oop!!!) but yah 10 more days to finish a whole bunch of things then study for exam then finish gretchen’s paper and i’ll be dooone

it’s insane to think that in less than a month i’ll be done with sophomore year? it really was an absolute mad rush but i feel like i’ve grown a lot this past year, and i’m definitely not the same girl that first set foot in yale-nus in freshman year for orientation. growth is good, yes? at least, it does feel like i’m growing positively.

summer will be great also bc new haven! yale! pride in nyc! nyc with my favorite person in the world! it’ll be absolutely wonderful and i cannot wait (although i know the month apart will almost certainly kill me) 🙂


i know that it’s difficult knowing that there are people in my past / and in yours too, but we will make it so that at some point this will be so full of love that we don’t have to think about them anymore. you are the first and only person i have wanted a future with and i’ll try my damned best to build that home with you. we can do this, just have a little faith in me ❤ you’re all i need. please never forget how much i love u ❤

i know u literally just touched down in hongkong but. come baaack i miss you already i’ll see you sooon sigh

x Nat


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