#103: intertwined

you have had your fill
your fill of me

lmao at my last post. stablizing my ass la SIGH why can’t i just be FUNCTIONAL and rational like a normal human being WHY



i am glad we talk about things like just talk our way through all of the difficult things that happen/come up and that we find our way through them and still decide that we want this, want each other. i am so glad that you believe we can fix this together, and that neither of us are trying to pretend that absolutely nothing is wrong.

i know there are things i do that are suboptimal but i am so incredibly lucky that you stick with me through it all with the faith that i will listen and change and be better.

i really do want to be better for you.

i’ve pinned each and every hope on you
i hope you don’t bleed with me
i’m afraid of the things in my brain
but we can stay here
and laugh away the fear


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