#099: breathe

we’ve both got a million bad habits to kick


let ’em talk
’cause we’re dancing in this world alone

recess week is finally finally finally here!!! i mean, i still have to finish a paragraph of gabriele’s essay and i have to start planning my heretics essay and i have to revise my nsf draft for evo bio BUT B U T

at least for the next week i can breathe a little, and not worry about not having enough social energy for classes, just chill and live life on my own clock and not worry so goddamn much.

today was a good start to a week that’s gonna be filled with dates & finally doing what we’ve been saying we wanted to for weeks and i am so so excited to share all these experiences with c. like, nuaing a lot and going out for food is definitely a small slice of heaven for me but it’s just nice to have someone you can share these experiences with??

hopefully i don’t fall behind on work while i’m taking the time to recharge and be happy.

it feels good to finally have space to sit and breathe. thank you for helping me in whatever way you can – i really do appreciate you being here and weathering the unnecessary breakdowns with me even when i don’t know how to explain them to you.

i am glad to be where i am, with the people who have helped me survive the awfulness that is week6. hopefully the next half of the semester goes well too, then i can go to new haven/new york city and have fun 🙂

x Nat.

say goodnight
our first goodbye
i’ve only got forever, and forever is fine
just take your time
we’ll stop the clock together
and know that the timing was right.


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