#095: clean

as in, a clean slate.

sophomore year starts tomorrow!! it’s official!! no more lazing around – i spent about an hour today finishing my last two readings for tomorrow and writing my article summaries; i’m finally all moved in with everything i need ( i think ) and this room is starting to feel a whole lot like home again.

had dinner with szu, justin, keith ang, shuang and zhihao at this tze char place close to ikea and the food/company was very good it was a very familiar sense of being grounded and i was very …not happy exactly but content  and i suppose i shouldn’t ask for too much before semester starts

it’s still a sort of calm that hasn’t broken yet but i’m sure that will change very soon so i’m gonna appreciate it while it lasts

half my suite hasn’t moved in yet but i am also appreciating the quiet bc it means i can just work with my music and my hot green tea and idk

i hope the semester is gonna be good i hope we all survive i hope everything and everyone will be okay i don’t need spectacular i don’t need 10/10 just give me a safe 7.5 or 8 pls pls pls thank u god 🙂

p’s moving back tonight and i actually lugged his pillow/sheets back for him so he’d have a good night’s sleep bc i’m still a decent person even tho petty me really wanted to not take on this extra burden but oh well



always keep in mind
things are fine and we’ll figure it out

x Nat.


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