#084: metaphor

empty chairs at empty tables

it’s like a chair or something

even if I might want to understand how chairs are made or how my chair came to be or even if my chair is a good chair or good for me

there’s no use pretending that there isn’t a chair

I might not understand this chair but it’s a real thing for me and I can’t do anything about it

now if the chair starts beating me on the head I might change my mind

but for now it’s a chair and I have to live a life that accepts that there is a chair there

a life pretending that there is no chair is just delusional

i will never understand the strange way thoughts string together in your head but you are so right i cannot ignore the elephant in the room of my heart and i just

one chair on its own without a table or more chairs or whatever – one chair alone is basically useless and meaningless and i don’t want that to be me and

i think i am scared of being the last one standing so i’d rather back out before that happens

but that is cowardly and i know i might regret doing that and that’s why i haven’t yet


things are so complicated

hearts are so complicated

why can’t things be easy peasy lemon squeezy


x Natasha


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