#083: waltz

today was a good day

cleared another one of my six burdens (4 to go!!) after the LH discussant and yeah it didn’t go as flawlessly as i’d planned but hey i got through it without having an anxiety attack and that’s great ๐Ÿ™‚


and then i finally started writing out my ppt essay which is also good i need to get this done asap!

dance today was really lovely – revised the standard waltz and tango routines with x then joan came to teach us our choreo for showcase!!

it’s really cute and the song is adorable too but i think i was really terrified of the lift bc lbr i am not as skinny as i could be and i was just scared x wouldn’t be able to lift me properly LOL and so i held back a lot and that made it a lot more difficult than it had to be ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

but eh we worked it through and at one point the routine justย clicked and our waltz was better than it’s ever been – there was the rise and fall, it was natural, it was flawless and sure and it just made me so so happy and i think x was pretty pleased too

it’s nice to have something i’m not exactly perfect but somewhat good at for once?

+ i really need to come to terms with body issues sigh or i need to lose weight.

either one.

it’s a good day
it’s a good life


x Natasha


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