#089: chocolate chip brownies

soooo i have a QR test in the afternoon tomorrow & i’m pretty stressed out about it so the obvious solution was to spend an hour and a half that i could’ve been studying on making brownies instead 🙂

ah well. it’s good for the soul, at least!

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#088: banana bread

hello friends i’m back with another recipe (finally!!!) 🙂 the school stress has been piling up because of grades/multiple performances and rehearsals so i decided that instead of continuing to work on my infinite to-do list of responsibilities, i would take an hour out of my time to bake instead

and i must say i am super thankful to have made that choice/been able to, because i truly needed the therapy that comes with putting something together with just ingredients, a bowl and some elbow grease 🙂

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#086: commiseration

i don’t really have much to say but i am just so so grateful for c’s presence in my life talking to her today during and after rehearsals was so good for my soul. thank u @god for bringing us together when i need someone like her most.