#077: grass

on grass, expectations and personal satisfaction

you know how people always say the grass is greener on the other side?

we know it’s ridiculous and highly improbable for this to be the case, especially¬†all the time but it doesn’t exactly help to reduce any envy over what other people have

and i’ll admit sometimes i am guilty of comparing things i shouldn’t be, and wanting what other people have because i don’t think i’ve got that and i think that i should

but unique things like this, like us – they can’t be compared on a point-by-point basis like this and i am trying to modulate my own expectations so i stop trying to measure you/myself/all of this up against everything i see because what you do see is the perfection that people are trying to portray. no one wants to display the less-than-sunny parts of their lives and you only think they’re better off because you are privy to the thunderstorms and cloudy days where the threat of rain hangs over your head in your own life but hardly ever that of their lives

it doesn’t make sense to continually disappoint yourself by casting your expectations along an impossible scale

and i guess it’s right to think that the grass is greener where you water it

and i will choose to water the grass we build our foundations on.

x Natasha


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