#073: enough

oh, let me be a part of the narrative
in the story they will write someday
let this moment be the first chapter
where you decide to stay
and i could be enough

and we could be enough
that would be enough.

sometimes some parts of this are just so unfamiliar and i don’t know how to fit them in with the rest of my life and i’m just.. wandering around on shaky footing and i actually really hate the uncertainty but i guess it’s worth the discomfort

i’m just.. crossing my fingers and hoping that i’m not putting myself out on the line for nothing

i want to be enough for me, for you, for everyone but i really never am

it’s so hard to trust that things will remain the same (or at least stable enough for me to feel safe) and i’m constantly fighting my flight reflex in absolutely everything and i hate this half-heartedness of not giving my everything but i just

i never want to be the one who gets hurt because it happens far too often ugh i need to stop being so soft i need to be more focused there are better things to expend my mental energies on 

x Natasha


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