#070: mirror

sometimes going shopping is much more stressful than it needs to be even though you’re literally just going through stores to get all the pretty things you want

i hate dressing rooms and their stark lighting that hits my body in all the wrong ways i hate staring into the mirrors and trying to pretend that i’m 100% okay with everything i’m seeing i hate having to smile awkwardly at the dressing room attendants as i shove the rejected clothes back into their hands i hate it i hate it i hate it

sometimes you can walk for hours and not find a single item you feel comfortable in and you laugh it off and say you’re getting too old for these stores; you say your taste is changing and nothing they have is going to fit that but that’s not the truth

the truth is that somewhere in your heart you are not comfortable with your body and sitting in your own skin and that’s a pretty shitty feeling

self-esteem and self-image is something i struggle with every day whether or not i’m actively trying to do something about it and i cannot stop being so conscious about my body after struggling with eating disorders but sometimes a few thoughtful words from the people who mean the most really help to pull my mind out of the pit it’s gotten itself stuck in

sometimes it’s ridiculous to tell yourself to care less when you know you really can’t but sometimes it’s best to just take that advice and fake it till you make it – you’re going to start believing in it eventually.

chin up, beautiful ☀︎

x Natasha


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