#064: withdrawal

it’s been a real lovely couple of days since the end of submissions and everything. most of my suite chose to hang around much longer than necessary considering 5/6 of us are local? we could probably have moved out over reading week if we really wanted to but… #overlyattached

suite aside i’ve also been spending a lot of time with patrick bc i guess we are both very conscious of the 25 days he’ll be home in the states before sem 2 starts… we’ve been watching a lot of movies and going out to places we’ve both wanted to see plus there was #hatashaweekend which was basically haz’s family and mine fattening up all our friends yey!!!

after spending close to 48 straight hours together he’s finally on his way to tioman for three days while i get my shit in order here on campus & move out (which i’m doing tomorrow) and i can’t say i’m not worried or sad at all but i am just looking forward to four days later because both our parents okayed him spending a night at my place before he flies home to georgia on the 15th!!!

life is good sometimes.

à la moitié manquante de mon cœur:
je ne peux pas croire que tu me déjà manques. ils disent absence rend le coeur plus affectueux, mais je ne sais pas combien je veux te aimer. il est dangereux de dépendre si lourdement sur un autre, en particulier dans les affaires de cœur. je ne m’y attendais, cela signifie beaucoup pour moi, mais si le vide que je ressens maintenant est un signe, je me soucie de vous beaucoup plus que je faisais avant.
cela est embarrassant pour moi de dire, mais je t’aime.
revenir sain pour moi.

x Natasha


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