#061: blessed

so i’ve been really stressed about various things for quite a bit but it’s honestly been an absolutely lovely couple of days where god’s reminded me how blessed i am to have every single one of my friends in my life & i thought i’d record these things down so i can look back on these memories and smile 🙂

finally ending cold war / dance showcase / yining and jiayi came over to interrogate me / drinks with giam justin szu

bashed out a bunch of work / talked to meddley and zhewei about buttery stuff [incl. running for manager next year wew]

talk with carissa!! / having zw and esther over to study (more like talk)

brunch with patrick / our times with hazi and szu / P I N K  D A Y with hazi and szu / dinner with giam justin szu (shiok maki omg like rly legit shiok)


yeah, work and all are incredibly stressful but i have a million reasons to keep me sane and happy and motivated to stay here and get my shit done so thank u @ the big guy in the sky, thank u for sending me all these angels.

here’s hoping i can actually getting my shit done after taking all this time to breathe though lmao

x Natasha


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