#058: storms

you can see the dark clouds rolling in across the expanse of high-rises studding the skyline like concrete flowers aching to bloom and the static in the air crackles forebodingly

a streak of white-hot lightning pierces through your heart and the air all at once and you brace yourself for the rumble of thunder that follows but it never seems to come and just when you let up your guard it strikes, leaving your heart rattling around your empty chest

and i’ve never enjoyed fighting with the ones i love but sometimes the actual torrential downpour and incessant magnitude-8 tremors from ground zero are a relief after the paranoia of the storm hitting in the one-thousand-two-thousand-three- eternity of anticipation

at least when storms have begun you can look forward to the clouds clearing and the single ray of hope that peeks out in the middle of the gray but when you race across the country trying to stay out from under the clouds you know you are just tiring yourself out in trying to run from the inevitable

i’m just going to stand still and wait for the rain to fall

it’s about time, anyway.



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