#056: flowers

Ai Huy tweeted the link to this article today while we were in SI and, me being horribly bored/distracted as usual, i decided to open it

“I would scoff at messages that seemed too sugary, trite or boring, and it disheartened me when customers asked what their sympathy card should say. But I also understood that finding the right words can be a monumental task and that sometimes those words just happen to be the same ones everyone else is using.”

“Details escape me, and sometimes it seems as if the harder I try to hold on to them, the more blurry they become.

That used to drive me crazy. Shame on me, I thought, to gather so many stories, only to let them go like water through cupped palms. But the beauty, I learned, was that there would always be more, and that made the losing more O.K.”

“Why do we send flowers? To make up for what is intangible? Those feelings we can’t hold in our hands and present as a gift to our loved ones? And why is it that the placeholders we choose — the dozen red roses, the fragrant white lilies, the long-stemmed French tulips — are so fleeting? Hold on to them for too long and you end up with a mess of petals, pollen and foul-smelling water.”


the writing is absolutely lovely and… the ideas of loss and death and the beauty of it all are just exactly what  cut straight through to my heart sometimes and i love it but i also hate how sad it makes me; i hate how sentimental and sappy and emotional i can be because i’ve been taught that this is a weakness but… maybe it’s just a different kind of strength.

“how startlingly beautiful impermanence can be.”

x Natasha


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