#055: transience

je ne peux que mourir, jour à jour, et la personne qui a existé une année ou même un mois avant n’existe plus.

i can only die, day by day, and the person who existed a year or even a month ago no longer exists

la personne que vous voyez n’existera plus en un mois

the person you see will no longer exist in a month

donc au revoir en avance

so, goodbye in advance

i think especially with our reading’s on the questions of king milinda and the discussions on buddhist philosophy/thought it makes it that much easier to reach existential crisis while contemplating the idea of the self

what are you, really?

are you the sum of your physical parts? your cognitive capacities; reason; memories? are you defined by the sum of these things, something more, or something other?
are you defined by your relationships with the things and people around you and how they perceive you?

how much of your core identity is retained through all the changes you undergo – willingly or unwillingly, consciously or subconsciously – as you progress through this river of life?

i guess part of me is reluctant to admit that we are all mutable and perishable and the people we are today will really fade and change into something wholly different and if you take a jigsaw of pieces that fit together seamlessly and sand all their edges into something new, how will they fit together again?

(i really don’t want to acknowledge the possibility that one day we will try and find our way back to each other only to realize that our edges are jarring because we’ve diverged so much from who we used to be)

even if you and i both change i hope us remains.

x Natasha


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