#049: unexpected

the blood, the blood, the blood of the lamb
is worth two lions but here i am
and i slept in last night’s clothes and tomorrow’s dreams
but they’re not quite what they seem


i’ll keep you like an oath
may nothing but death do us part

uma thurman // fall out boy

there’s not a lot i remember from last night except this song ^ that played and this was only a point that stuck in my brain because ??? fall out boy is not indie whaaat.

but anyway i think half the time i was preoccupied with worrying if you were enjoying yourself or if you were judging me for enjoying this because i honestly just welcome the peace in my head that a few drinks and a lot of loud music & dancing brings but i don’t know if you understand that

at least the other half of me was just really glad that you were there because i don’t normally have a solid anchoring point at clubs and it was nice to think that i’d be safer even if technically justin/isabel etc. would be much better bodyguards; i’m just honestly that much less panicky around you because your presence is reassuring to me and it was just nice to have you there

(and legit if this is what it takes to get you into a button down i’ll drag you out clubbing more)

ANYWAY basically last night a bunch of us from yale-nus went to kyo for poptart because justin said it’d be fun and i actually really really enjoyed it so thank u justin!! (even though i got lipstick on your shirt while patrick was wearing it O O P S)

last night bled into this morning in a hazy blur of movement and whispered conversations and all i remember is i was so cold at night until you realized and it was nice that you woke up and tried to fix it (even if we did end up getting distracted for a couple more hours) but yes

i decided to escape campus and breathe by meeting thengfong for brunch & catchup then going home and honestly i just want to sleeeep but i have to finish work so i can watch kafka with no guilt tmr 😦

sighs & flails helplessly @ deadlines

i can’t wait for next weekend either because mai and ner are coming to campus yeyyyyy

have a gr8 weekend ok please don’t stress & take care of yourselves!

much love

x Natasha


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