#047: atlas

my love, you do not have to bear the weight
of the earth upon your shoulders alone
you see – zeus divided us at the beginning
of everything. he kept us apart for fear that
together, we could do so much more

he was right: the burdens you carry
can be halved to rest upon us both equally
and you can straighten up, loosen your shoulders,
walk a little freer and smile a little bigger

your world will not fall apart; it will not break
even if you let me lift half of it for you.
we are close enough to breathe the same air
and we will never be distant enough to stretch
the veil we are carrying so thin that it breaks.

do not fear that we will collapse and let
the world come crashing down;
that the million liabilities you carry
will rain down on you like hail or flaming arrows.

together, we have:
two pairs of shoulders;
two heads;
two hearts;
and your umbrella.
not mine – who, apart from you,
even believes in umbrellas anyway?

we will weather this storm together and
come out the other side unscathed and
you will finally trust that this is meant to be;
this is home and safety and reprieve.


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