#042: interlude

it’s finally yale-nus’s week 7 and somehow i haven’t even consciously felt this much time passing… it seemed so distant and far-off when the results were first announced but it’s really finally here and people have been leaving for their trips already

i passed szu and haz my ‘love packages‘ [in szu’s words] of snacks and a note last night because i was fairly certain that i wouldn’t be able to wake up at 650 to send them off (which was a really good call on my part)

i also passed tingkap his while i watched/helped him pack later that same night and it was just nice and silly and fun and i wish more people would see him the way i get to because it’s so different from the way he presents with groups/other people? his edges are a lot softer and he talks to you instead of at you and he tells stories and laughs and does all sorts of silly things you wouldn’t expect because he seems like he’s good at absolutely everything and it’s just very :-)))

wow that was very ramble-y and as haz would say, gross.

man, i miss everyone already. i think that’s why i decided to come home and stay the night for the first time in forever – i’m used to always having someone around when i need them on campus and the only real way for me to sever that connection is to remove myself from campus completely. hopefully tomorrow i’ll be busy enough packing and stuff to not feel that and then i’ll be in africa busy doing things and i will hopefully not think about how dependent i am on all my lovelies.

the brunei kids and xiamen kids seem to have gotten some semblance of wifi where they are bc i’ve been seeing them pop up on snapchat and whatsapp and a part of me wonders why you didn’t text me but it’s fine; i need to learn to let go and enjoy the space between us for a bit. this is the difficulty in becoming too close too fast: you’ve never really learnt how to be without each other for long but this is a good way to test us before winter break.

super stoked for Africa (and to be back in singapore with all my loves after that) wew leggo week 7!!!

x Natasha


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