#041: irrationality

le cœur a ses raisons
que la raison ne connaît point

Blaise Pascal

it’s been a really long day wow first we had rehearsals for little shop in the morning starting at 9 and it’s legitly been forever since i’ve been up so early after sleeping at a legit hour haha either i sleep way too much or too little. worked with seanjo for feed me and suddenly seymour bc nummy’s sick sigh but their voices work really well together and i was just like !!! AGGRESSIVELY STIRS LMAO

combined with the chorus kids and had them sing through everything we could today and they already sound p good hehe time to solidify the chords and make things cleaner/more polished and we’ll be set for music

the songs are all like permanently carved into my head already; i cannot stop singing feed me/suddenly seymour/skid row I NEED 2 SING lmao we are going to be that bunch of musical theatre kids who cannot shut up and stop singing their soundtrack

after the musical stuff i popped by the house for drum class/to grab some stuff for South Africa which was just uneventful in general

rushed back to campus so i could go catch Inside Out with haz and even though our journey to the cinema was suuuper rushed and fraught with a sense of ?!?!! + hazi’s scrape the movie was absolutely wonderful!! maybe i’m just a kid but i really do adore well-executed cartoons so props to you @ disney/pixar for this film

came back to school with this nagging sense of unease because tingkap said he had some issues and that we should talk about it and i swear to god i was so worried things were already going downhill but they were the exact concerns i had ages ago but i didn’t want to voice out and i think we settled it fairly quickly and that was an insanely huge relief

then we continued w/ our plan to watch bridget jones’s diary which is an adaptation of pride&prejudice and it was honestly quite fantastic so A+ @ tingkap’s taste in chick flicks // on a side note i am super glad i can still watch chick flicks with you unabashedly; i actually didn’t expect you to be the kind who enjoys it

eventually i guess we fell asleep but i can never remember this part because i just enjoy being there in the moment with you 😌 you say the sweetest things sometimes and i know you well enough to know you’re not just saying them for the sake of saying them and it honestly is helping me to love myself that much more, so thank you.

not looking forward to week 7 100% because i’ll be separated from literally all my baes but c’est la vie, right? not allowed to complain anyway bc aditi says that since i got south africa i should just accept my (extremely blessed) fate lmao

i swore i’d never fall again
but this don’t even feel like falling
gravity can’t forget
to pull me back to the ground again

i think i am just very content with the way we fit together because there are things neither of us expected to want or like but we do and it’s always after i leave that i remember everywhere your fingers have brushed across and it just makes me feel very 🙂 because it’s been absolutely forever since i’ve liked all this so much. and yeah, things aren’t always easy and smooth-sailing but somehow we make it work despite the fact that in some ways we are complete opposites. for some reason i feel like we help each other grow in the areas we have neglected and i just… i really didn’t expect to find something like this, let alone this soon. let’s hope this lasts.

x Natasha


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