#040: green glass love

a simple choice, nothing more
this or that; either/or
marry well, social whirl
business man, clever girl

or pin my future on a green glass love?
what kind of life am i dreaming of?

hellooo y’all how’ve you been!! that phrase up there ^ is from a song titled gimme gimme from the musical thoroughly modern millie and i absolutely adore it & sutton foster ❀ it’s been stuck in my head for ages because i’ve been looping my musical soundtrack playlist to get in the mood for little shop of horrors

we’re at the start of week 5 rn i think and next week we’ll have a break (finally??) and then the following week is s o u t h  a f r i c a   wew ♡ so looking forward to it because i think my brain needs a break from everything that’s been happening lately. it’s not that i’ve been unnecessarily bogged down by negativity but more like… too many things are demanding my brain space and my time and i just feel like i’ve been stretched thin but at the same time i am glad for/really want to devote myself to all of this and it’s just difficult to reconcile those two sides of me

i also just got back the grades for my first csi essay and it’s quite shit sigh it’s turning out to be a bit of a shitty day and i just really want to be held but that won’t really help the situation. i should just finish my readings and sleep reasonably early tonight sigh.

super determined to pull up my grades so that i can overload and take both poetry and french next sem – your voice just sounded so lovely when you were reading the bunch of random french poems i picked last night 🙂

here’s to working hard and never giving up sigh times like this the maine’s lyrics are super applicable/motivational: always keep in mind things are fine and we’ll figure it out.

i really, really hope i do.

lots of love y’all!!

x Natasha


2 thoughts on “#040: green glass love

  1. szujin12 says:

    Jiayous Jiat!! I’m sure you’ll do better in time to come😊 it’s your first CSI essay anyways it can only go up from here👍 also, not seeing you for one whole week++ is gonna feel very weird omg I just realised


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