#039: home

time for your regularly scheduled song of the week because obviously i didn’t forget, duh

it’s a #throwback to 2009 with owl city‘s if my heart was a house from his album, ocean eyes, which is arguably my favorite in his discography

it’s just a really chill song with the 3/4 timing and it just feels so bouncy and light and it makes me really happy lmao

it’s also got like really pretty lyrics like i can still feel your heart / beat fast when you dance with me and it just feels so conversational and personal and you can see them in your head twirling and tiptoeing around a dimly lit room and that image just makes my heart sigh contentedly

and this bit always just gets stuck in my head

if my heart was a compass, you’d be north

risk it all, ’cause i’ll catch you if you fall
wherever you go – if my heart was a house, you’d be home

it’s just.. the idea of being such a sure presence in someone’s life that you’re literally as immutable as absolute north just seems so huge and transcendental but at the same time totally achievable and one day i hope i find something like that

it’s a pretty song that is p much #goals for how i want to feel / to make someone else feel eventually, when i’m ready.

x Natasha


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