#037: cinderblock garden

hi y’all i almost forgot but here’s your song of the week!

it’s been a while since all time low‘s latest album, future hearts, dropped and it’s been waaaaaayyy longer since i got into their music at all (it’s been, what, six years or something?) and i was honestly super worried about not enjoying it as much because people always talk about a band’s sound changing over time and i was just praying so hard that i would love it as much as i enjoyed nothing personal and so wrong, it’s right which are probably two of my favorite albums ever.

thankfully, even though i didn’t love the album as a cohesive whole as passionately, i still found some songs there that i really really enjoyed – runaways, missing you, dancing with a wolf, bottle and a beat, and this week’s song of the week: the acoustic version of cinderblock garden!

apparently alex gaskarth wrote this for his lovely lady lisa and it’s just really sweet!!

this is the original (bc i couldn’t find a video with the acoustic only)

and this is a split of the acoustic/original!! wear headphones/earpieces with just the right side or like check spotify or something if you want the pure acoustic version which is what i enjoy a lot more purely due to the background music + harmonizing

the lyrics for this song are really sweet –

the opening:

i think we’re onto something
we can’t run from fate

it’s just so ambiguous whether it’s i think we’re onto something we can’t run from with fate spilling into the next line or i think we’re onto something / we can’t run from fate and i think this sort of uncertainty that comes with a lack of punctuation in poetry and song that makes me appreciate the medium that much more

and the end of the first verse/pre-chorus:

let’s take the worst and make it better
let’s take this mess and make a home
i know it gets hard for you to stay,
but do you really want to throw it all away?

there’s a lot of realism here that isn’t depicted in most pop-ish/traditional love songs – he tells you that they’re struggling and things aren’t perfect but there is still value in trying to work on it to save what they already have and this persistence and the desire to work on the relationship despite its flaws is ten thousand times more romantic than cheap plastic fantasies

finally, the bridge:

just hold out for tomorrow
our dreams will follow,
follow us back to when,
when nothing was broken,
the future was open
let’s go back again

there is a sense of hope here in trying to believe that their problems will eventually work out but also a wistful longing for returning to when things were better: the emotions are real and believable and so so relatable. there’s a conscious acknowledgement that turning back the clock is not an actual solution but he just wants things to be good again and that just gets me right in the heart

please go and listen to this gem of a song and like, all of all time low‘s discography because i love them with all my heart and alex writes and sings like an angel.

love you all okay i hope you have a good weekend!!

x Natasha


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