#036: intoxication

a collection of thoughts from late nights drunk and/or incredibly fatigued

they are all laced with some form of hyperbole and irrationality so do not take them as they are or as hard facts of how i feel – life serves as an inspiration for fiction but the two must still exist separately

maybe we’ll never find our way back – not to each other, in this moment, like this: two stars already fallen with no way to turn back the clock.
is it a blessing or a curse – the temporal euphoria of inebriation?


there is something messy about you under that polished exterior and i’m not sure if i’m actually interested or if i just want to pick the threads apart so your heart is unraveled and unguarded


late nights spilling into bleary mornings
as the city awakens while we fall asleep
the lines between dreams and reality
lighten like the sky at dawn
while we lie with fingers splayed across
the warm porcelain of your ribs –
i feel you beneath my skin but
are you really here?

i still remember how your voice felt –
thrumming through my veins like
sparks of static electricity:
three, two, one,


and my heart jumpstarts itself again
pounding out a long-forgotten song
on the feeling of coming home at last

once again i would like to reiterate that these are not just real life ok i just wanted a place to store the words in my head where i could come back and revisit them in the future if i so desire

x Natasha


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