#043: vertigo

vertigo, n.
a sensation of whirling and loss of balance, associated particularly with looking down from a great height

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#042: interlude

it’s finally yale-nus’s week 7 and somehow i haven’t even consciously felt this much time passing… it seemed so distant and far-off when the results were first announced but it’s really finally here and people have been leaving for their trips already

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#040: green glass love

a simple choice, nothing more
this or that; either/or
marry well, social whirl
business man, clever girl

or pin my future on a green glass love?
what kind of life am i dreaming of?

hellooo y’all how’ve you been!! that phrase up there ^ is from a song titled gimme gimme from the musical thoroughly modern millie and i absolutely adore it & sutton foster ❀ it’s been stuck in my head for ages because i’ve been looping my musical soundtrack playlist to get in the mood for little shop of horrors

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