#032: moulin rouge

we had movie night again tonight!! which is always something i look forward to but tonight there was only szu, haz, patrick and i 😦 our group is slowly shrinking sigh but maybe it’s because we were so set on watching moulin rouge

so far i think every week i’ve gone in semi-choosing the movies i’ve already seen and loved bc someone else wants to see them haha i would like for this trend to continue but then i’ll never gain exposure to new films

moulin rouge is gr8 though if you enjoy musicals and absurd theatricality, it’s absolutely amazing. the leads are like ♡♡♡ and i just adore the film

patrick is right though, it isn’t really a film that survives rewatches. maybe i’ll convince them to watch anna karenina and scott pilgrim with me because those are very dear to my heart as well

also on another really positive note so many people complimented my lipstick today yey it made me so happy!! who needs love when aieshah compliments yr lip color amirite :>

it’s always a good time ♡

TGIF Y’ALL i can’t believe the school week’s almost over.


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