#031: thankful

sometimes i feel like John O’Callaghan‘s instagram posts can be needlessly cryptic and philosophical but every once in a while they serve as a great reminder for what is really important


why debate glass half full,
glass half empty?
i’ve both a glass
and something in it,
for me that is plenty.

sometimes we get so caught up in life and worries about what is to come and what we are lacking – what we want and don’t have and can’t get. we always always always forget to count our blessings even when they are so plentiful and we are so incredibly blessed to even be where we are at all

i guess this is just me making a conscious realization/effort to give thanks for the people in my life and the situation i am in and the countless little privileges i have been accorded because really, we are not entitled to any of this at all and every tiny thing should be cause for thanks.

i am thankful for the wonderful people i have met who can be so like me and yet so different because you are all home and a foreign land in a delightful mix that just forces me (yes, it’s forced but it’s still very welcome) to grow and learn so much more than i expected to

it’s the tiny differences between people that you never anticipate that can be the best of little surprises and i am just.. so blessed with this incredible diversity and i feel like not everyone acknowledges this for how amazing it really is.

i have been so stressed and busy but so happy and fulfilled at the same time, i don’t think it’s right at all for me to complain even if i might have some trivial complaints.

maybe it was just the midnight screening of les mis with patrick and haz but i am just starting to realize how wonderful my college life is and will continue to be.

i am so grateful.

x Natasha


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