#027: american candy

yooo so i found myself with some extra time this evening since i didn’t go and ~socialize~ or play sports and i’m done with my readings for tomorrow earlier than i expected so i’ll take some time to finally blog about my experience at the maine‘s american candy tour!

so, their stop at singapore was the last show for the whole world tour & after our show they hopped on a plane back to arizona to play their free tour across the usa?? what the heck right, they’re performing free as a way to show their fans how much they appreciate the love and support we’ve been giving them for years

anyway, i met charmaine at st. james’ power station at around 1145am for a 7pm show which might sound excessive if you’ve never been to one of these concerts before but honestly we weren’t even that close to the front / there were people who queued overnight or from 6am or something crazy like that

we sat in the heat/boredom forever and at about 4 the merch table opened!!! and we decided to burn money on a tee + poster (which was a really good investment) that we got signed afterwards!!

like legit, hardly anyone knew there was a signing beforehand so when we were told the mood instantly spiked and it was gr8

got to say hi and talk to all the band members in a super chill way because the venue security handled it all very well yay i got a hug from john which was fantastic because he gives nice hugs and he smells so good but then my brain short-circuited and i forgot to ask the rest if i could hug them too boo 😦 john even defaced my poster what a child lmao i can’t wait till it’s framed so i can hang it up. pat and jared talked to me while i was waiting for char too it was lovely 🙂 these boys are so genuinely nice and appreciative of their fans they were like ‘i hope you have fun at the show’ and i was like i goddamn hope so i waited seven hours in line for it HAHA kidz

the opening band was local and honestly they were pretty good – i need to open my mind and heart to local music more because more often than not i am pleasantly surprised.

when the band finally came out the crowd started squeezing us forward & we really felt it because we were fairly close to the front – we stood at the centre of the third row like right in between john and garrett’s microphones :>


the only problem with where we stood was that i couldn’t catch kennedy and jared in frame sigh and pat was a tiny face in the background but that’s unavoidable considering where his kit was placed (BUT IT WAS FRICKIN YELLOW SO CUTE)
FullSizeRender (1)

look at these beautiful babies lmao i should go become a photog pro so that i can start actually shooting band gigs in a more legit way

FullSizeRender (2)

i love how john always looks so super into it when he performs – when they were performing one song (i think it was growing up?) he told us all to put away our phones and he waited for everyone to actually do it because it was “in fucking real life” and he just wanted everyone to be hyper-present in the moment and it was really amazing, honestlyFullSizeRender (3)

what a terrible boy keep that finger pls

FullSizeRender (4)

what a cute look at how long his fingers are they wrap around the mic/neck of the guitar so easily wtfFullSizeRender (5)and look at that beautiful angel standing in the ray of light sigh john o’callaghan is a wonder and i’m so glad i got to see him and the maine live

now, if there’s one thing i want you to take away from this concert, it’s the super motivational speech john gave

i’d share the video i took but it’s disjointed bc i stopped recording at some bits so here’s a youtube video!!

i was legit crying by the end of his speech and when he launched into the song i wanted to frickin die istg this will be the end of me; even listening to the video now makes me tear up.

he even came down into the pit at one point and he was so close to me he touched my arm and i spazzed like a really crazy fangirl but yeah he trusts his fans so unconditionally and he just wants us to enjoy the show as much as we possibly can and i am so immensely grateful

come back soon, boys, i miss y’all already 😦

x Natasha


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