#024: contentment

welcome once again to an episode of wow, i showered too late so i’ve got to blog while waiting for my hair to dry so i can sleep properly sigh adult life is beyond me when i can’t even manage things like this properly

anyway, today’s been a really lovely day in general because of classes and more but i think i’ll do an overall post for the first week of classes after tomorrow (because i’ve yet to take a single lecture/seminar for comparative social inquiry)

but yeah, classes and great profs (so far, thank u yalenus/god) aside, my favourite part of the residential/yale-nus (specifically) experience is the time i’m able to spend with friends outside of classroom time & topics

the best part of today was having haz and szu invite me for the Caribous’ open jio movie night at the Saga Conference Room 🙂 even though we all doubted the movie choice at the start, Fang was super adamant about watching About Time so we just stuck with that and it was surprisingly pleasant

what’s even more surprising is that he’s actually quite a chick-flick kind of guy haha a lot of movies i really enjoy were on his hard drive/he also enjoys?? such as my all-time fav, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, as well as Scott Pilgrim vs. The World which is a movie that picks up my mood no matter what. he even likes Once which is… not a movie i’ve heard of many people watching (which is sad because it’s lovely. Falling Slowly is a gorgeous song and the movie in general… i just love it. so much.)

after the movie most of the others chose to go upstairs to sleep since it was already slightly past 1130 and a bunch of them had 9am seminars but thankfully, my first lesson tomorrow is the 11am lecture, hella yesss :>

we ended up watching a whole bunch of youtube videos because we couldn’t decide on what movie to watch next [and by we, i mean patrick, isabel, fangchen and i]

we watched a bunch of magic videos and some comedy central and moulin rouge/sweet charity then bo burnham who i absolutely adore and then some slam poetry which is always close to my heart (especially after seeing/hearing Drima and Yining perform for realz)!! Sarah Kay’s one of my favourites always obviously and Fang showed us a bunch of Shane Koyczan (esp tomatoes i loved that one) and it was just really great

i honestly love finding people i share passions with because it’s a wonderful feeling to talk about things that mean a lot to you knowing that the other person knows almost exactly where you’re coming from

i’m so glad for this community and the opportunities i have to engage with them

Content waits for you.
Happiness runs, a gleeful moving target that changes as you change.

i think i’ve found a place i can be content with settling into the nook i’ve carved out for myself/that has been here for me to fit into just right and i’ve never felt this way before, honestly.

x Natasha


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