#022: perceptions

people can be so very confusing and i guess i really agree with what patrick said last night about wanting/needing to figure people out

i’ve always prided myself on being pretty astute with my analysis and judgment of others’ personalities and characters but recently i’ve begun to doubt my own opinions more and more?

maybe it’s a good thing – i’m realizing that there are so many more layers and facets to these truly fascinating people than i would have if i’d just gone with a snap judgment based on a couple of interactions

but i don’t know. where do you draw the line? when you’ve seen something that doesn’t sit right with you or that you just morally cannot accept, how do you know when to give (or stop giving) second [third, fourth, fifth] chances? how do you decide when is enough, and who are you to decide anyway?

how many layers do you need to peel back before you see the same good heart we were all born with?

how many layers are people entitled to have shielding that goodness before they’re considered bad?

how do you know when to walk away?

and you, my beautiful broken boy, you are good and kind and smart but also all sorts of irrational and unintentionally cruel and immature and i cannot reconcile these two disjoint sides of you that i’ve seen.

people are so complex.

life is too hard.

x Natasha


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