#020: intoxication

hi y’all

once more, i am here absentmindedly hammering out another update on my vapid college experience while waiting for my hair to dry so i can go to bed [time check: it’s currently 4:21am]

so tonight’s the more or less official end of orientation since we had our social night + frosh mixer!!

prior to that, i took a trip out to clementi with Hazirah since we didn’t feel hungry enough for lunch + we didn’t really want to just nua on campus while it was raining so we went impulse shopping (which is honestly one of the best decisions i ended up making bc pretty dress even though it’s just cotton on yey)

spent a bunch of hours just chilling in the suite’s living room talking with Haz, Wang Qing and Yilin which was really great but we all completely forgot that Social Night wouldn’t have any dinner provided so we ended up skipping dinner to get ready…. vanity strikes, y’all. (even though we all regretted it like crazy afterwards. especially those who drank.)

ANYWAY after an extremely boring/uneventful Social Night (since the Yetis didn’t win anything), i went upstairs with my girls to change then headed to 16th floor/Junyang’s suite for predrinks!! even though it was nice to be invited the entire frat-style party atmosphere was honestly just not my speed so i ditched that asap once szu arrived and i crashed her group’s much more chill predrinks session!! after an eternity of karaoke with Wen Wei playing the guitar (super amazingly, i must add), we decided to head down to the MPH for the frosh mixer

slowly made our way through our 4 drinks and i realized that i prefer vodka and tequila over gin and whiskey HAHA ohwellz they all did the job so i’m not really complaining. it was fun i guess, to actually get drunk and dance for a bunch of hours + i just love how the music’s so loud that you can’t think about anything at all.

after getting super drunk szu and i left with Junyang with the intention of heading to wherever Dhivesh was to continue drinking but we chose to abandon them in favor of Szu’s DF Group on the Elm Courtyard & pancakes

and after a while i think i started singing and to be very honest it felt amazing maybe because lowered inhibitions + plenty of diaphragm warmups + just alcohol in general HAHA but yeah i sang much more confidently than usual and i honestly thought i sounded good which is not normally a thought i have yay

+ patrick took advantage of the fact that i’m super honest to ask what the scars on my arm were from and i actually told him ugh i’m so stupid lmao

sobered up and showered yey thanks to my lovely szu and haz for taking care of me :> if y’all ever read this, i can’t thank you enough. love you girls!!!

time to sleep so i can wake up to do laundry with haz in a few hours then brunch with haz and szu before they take off for home this nat day weekend



x Natasha


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