#018: liquid confidence

heyyoooo it’s been about a week since i last posted wow!! we just got back from Laos and i’m in the middle of editing my photos/doing laundry and i don’t think i’ll have time for a major recount post just yet so here’s my song for the weeeek 🙂

this is liquid confidence by you me at six and i’m not new to this song at all but i suppose it’s oddly fitting for this week considering how much i’ve been getting wasted drinking, oops.

it’s in a playlist of songs that i use to fall asleep when i’m overseas and all and these songs were like picked off various 8tracks playlists and i really love all of them soooo if this is your thing you should probably check out navy blue by the story so farso contagious as covered by jaime precaido etc.!!

this song is just really well aligned with my mental state for the past couple of nights and i’ve never been able to fully appreciate it this way before + the lyrics are so !!! + josh franceschi’s voice is just heaven

if one drink can make tonight slip my mind, then i
should drink up so i can forget that i have lived my life
you are an example of better things to come
so i’ll wait on some other escape that leads me nowhere fast
i’ve gotta ask

you’ve got nothing to lose
except for me and you
and i don’t want that attitude
when you know i can do, i’ll do better than you

if one can drink can make tonight slip your mind, then you
should drink up so you can convince yourself that i’m cute
we are an example of why not to fall in love
it takes a turn, and then it hurts
more than you could dream of

i’ll be recounting the stupid choices i’ve made over the past week so yeah, if you listen to this and then read my Laos post you’ll probably be able to see where i’m coming from.

ah well, no regrets i guess? c’est la vie.

now i’ve gotta go shift my clothes from the washer to the dryer so byeeee

x Natasha


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