#034: drown

well, i’m so tired of the rain
falling softly on the ground
just enough to get my feet wet
but not enough to let me drown

drown // front porch step

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#033: badlands

hey y’all!! instead of a song of the week, i’ll be recommending you an album this week because Halsey‘s debut record, Badlands, was just released worldwide yesterday and i absolutely cannot just pick one song that i love

i think, a couple of weeks ago, i chose hold me down/colors as my song of the week when those were 2/3 of the pre-released tracks and i think i was mildly afraid of being disappointed by the rest of the record because it’s not easy at all to put together that many songs and ensure that people / i will love them all equally

but she did it

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#032: moulin rouge

we had movie night again tonight!! which is always something i look forward to but tonight there was only szu, haz, patrick and i 😦 our group is slowly shrinking sigh but maybe it’s because we were so set on watching moulin rouge

so far i think every week i’ve gone in semi-choosing the movies i’ve already seen and loved bc someone else wants to see them haha i would like for this trend to continue but then i’ll never gain exposure to new films

moulin rouge is gr8 though if you enjoy musicals and absurd theatricality, it’s absolutely amazing. the leads are like ♡♡♡ and i just adore the film

patrick is right though, it isn’t really a film that survives rewatches. maybe i’ll convince them to watch anna karenina and scott pilgrim with me because those are very dear to my heart as well

also on another really positive note so many people complimented my lipstick today yey it made me so happy!! who needs love when aieshah compliments yr lip color amirite :>

it’s always a good time ♡

TGIF Y’ALL i can’t believe the school week’s almost over.

#031: thankful

sometimes i feel like John O’Callaghan‘s instagram posts can be needlessly cryptic and philosophical but every once in a while they serve as a great reminder for what is really important


why debate glass half full,
glass half empty?
i’ve both a glass
and something in it,
for me that is plenty.

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#030: fate

so today, the week seven allocations were emailed to us around dinner time and basically that was all the freshman batch could talk about because oh god we are all so excited (and also some people feel like they were robbed of opportunities because they didn’t get their top options but hey I’m in no position to speak on this)

I got South Africa which is absolutely insane because they only opened about 12-15 spots for that and I almost considered putting it lower on my list because I highly doubted my ability to get in based purely on luck but hey clearly my desperate prayers to whoever up there helped because I flipping got it!!!

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#029: cheerleader

oh no i missed my song of the week post because i’ve been absolutely swamped this weekend sighpie bUT ANYWAY i was at color run today with my lovely szu and i heard a remix of OMI’s cheerleader which managed to worm itself into my head for the subsequent couple of hours

and recently, pentatonix also released a cover of it!! i love a capella and honestly i haven’t been super into ptx’s new sound/songs and this one song managed to pull me right back into full-blown pentaholic mode

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#028: memory

okiedokes this will be a quick update before i go to sleep because there’s stuff i want to write here for posterity’s sake and i don’t want to lump it all together with the long & comprehensive post i will be doing for the first two weeks of classes

so i finally finished decorating my room earlier this week with the help of my lovely szu 🙂 put up my super long string of fairy lights and pegged polaroids of all the lovely people who are close to my heart onto the wires yey if you come and visit my room you can try and find yourself 🙂

FullSizeRender (8)

look omg it’s so aesthetically satisfying my room looks quite tumblr-esque now

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