#017: choices

this week’s song of the week is credited to Dave’s wonderful music taste and his adamant defense of the local music scene, without which i would never have found Charlie Lim.

sadly, there’s no video but you should really go and listen to his song Choices from his ep Time/Space if you’re a fan of like ~indie-ish pop~ and all. his sound is just very chill and his singing voice doesn’t really have a Singaporean accent and it’s just very pleasant to listen to

the lyrics are also absolutely gorgeous like look at this omg

Keep your eyes on me darling
I’m not a magic trick
I know you need to tread lightly
They’re counting our mistakes

If love is built not found
It all comes back around
Then you can make a home out of me

When everything’s aligned
I’m choking in denial
Could we get used to this uncanny symmetry

I can take complication
If I can comprehend
But I can’t deal with ignorance
Even if you think it’s bliss

So have we crossed the line
Still gunning for the mile
I’m terrified that the truth will set you free

When all your time was spent
Hanging by a thread
Begging for the bailout in this social currency

i’ve italicized/bolded my fav bits and like  i just  !!! as a lit student i feel like i’ve become a little spoilt, in the sense that i can no longer bear music with mediocre/subpar lyrics. i need beautiful turns of phrase and imagery that resonates with me and this ticks all the right boxes so yeah i am super into his music right now

go listen to him on spotify or something i promise you won’t regret it!!

x Natasha


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