#016: exploration

hey y’all this will be my last update in a week unless i have enough mental energy to edit my posts painstakingly on wordpress mobile while i’m in Laos for the second half of yale-nus’s orientation 🙂

soooo today’s been pretty chill because like 90% of the activities were optional (aka no need to go oops) so i went to clementi mall and met Szu to shop for a few last minute things for the trip which was such a strange feeling bc we hardly shop there

then in the afternoon i finally went home to grab a couple things!! i’ve missed mama/charcoal/everyone else quite a bit but i didn’t get to see papa and jiajen because papa’s currently in hongkong + jiajen wasn’t home from school when i dropped by 😦

either way, i took some time to revisit my lovely kitchen again to bake 🙂

FullSizeRenderit was just sugar cookies – nothing fancy so i won’t put the recipe up here until i have time to take some legit photos / i make some additions to the recipe etc.!

brought the cookies back to ync to feed my Yetis but i completely underestimated the traffic jam between my house and the general Clementi area ugh thankfully Jamin was also running late so i reached “on time” in the end :>

i’m always like really, really happy when people tell me that they enjoy something i’ve made. it just means a lot and i’m not sure why i put so much value in their praise when i myself have affirmed that they taste nice or whatever /shrugs but ok the yetis were super sweet and fred/ruchika etc. asked for more which is always a good sign!! Junyang told me they weren’t good in a super deadpan way like ugh y u like this HAHA jk i know he was kidding i’m sure 🙂

now i’m all packed for laos and in slightly over 12h we’ll be on our way!! i can’t wait but i also don’t want it to be over because orientation with the yetis has been absolutely wonderful and i just… don’t really want legit classes to start sigh

the fact that i’m super distracted by this…. thread of wishful thinking is also a real burden but oh well.

c’est la vie, amirite

have a gr8 week ahead, y’all ♡

x Natasha 


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