#015: fatigue

hi y’all, i’ve been gone for a bit because we just spent the past two days crawling/walking/running/flying around Singapore for the amazing race!! all the photos here are by Dave, one of my DF group members, bc i was honestly too tired/lazy to take my phone out of my super full backpack while he was shooting w his dslr /claps

so yeaaaah this is us setting off at utown yey so many happy faces because we didn’t know then how much walking we were gonna be doing [for the record, 11.5km on the first day and 13km for the second like whaaat!?!?]1

honestly it was quite fun to go on this race because even as a Singaporean, i haven’t actually taken the time to visit many of these places?? this here below is haw par villa and like ??? who even goes there normally amirite but ya it was cool and i’m thankful for having the opportunity to see it even though i personally probably wouldn’t plan to go there2

#selfie #flawless #swag especially Julianne on the left and Fred on the right HAHA secute i love my Yetis

after a terrible night’s sleep at NACLI’s east coast campsite (sigh), we headed out for the second day of the race!! the first leg was all around punggol which was an area  none of us actually knew well but thankfully Jamin figured out the clues pretty quickly?? these boys are p amazing HAHA4

the not-so-lonely tree of punggol waterway yey so instaworthy 5

nuaaaaa taking time for mass suntanning before lessons begin :>6

we went to a whole bunch of places like serangoon gardens (which thankfully i know after 2 years of being a nanyang jc student) and botanic gardens and the playground at toa payoh7

look omg an almost-successful jumpshot gr8 job us!! this was like after we finished filming our mass dance at botanics which turned out much better than expected even though we didn’t have much time to polish the parts we choreographed ourselves for the freestyle section good job us!!!

it was quite shiok lah even though we kinda lost our competitive edge after some unpleasant things started piling up but nevertheless i’m super blessed to have gone through it with all these lovely lovely people ♡

we reached campus pretty late and yey we got to play with Rector Weiss’s dog Milo again!! secute omg i wanna go home and see my baby too 😦

met everyone again at the Saga buttery to settle the photo montage / give Dave motivational support bc he had to edit all the photos that he shot in RAW like what the heck haha talentz man

after much digression i managed to write out captions for most/all of the photos with everyone’s help and we got Jamie to record it because her voice is quite lovely so that was all settled fairly easily!

then we all started queuing to do our laundry which is always like siiiigh because the wash cycle is 35min and the dryer cycle is 45min and the machines are always in use no matter when you go to the laundry room

at least it was fun to talk to people lah it was like Jamie Yilin Junyang and me and it was rly nice and comfortable and i’m honestly super super relieved like you cannot imagine bc i was so scared i wouldn’t fit in???

omg speaking of that bunch HAHA we are super good at observing things happening hehe #sneaky but then again anyone with a functional radar/pair of eyes will see it

AND like twice they told me i looked like Jean Grey but the reference completely flew over my head until tonight when i remembered that when i ponytail my hair, it reveals this like super bleached streak that’s much more conspicuous than the brown-ish tips why am i so blur/unaware/?????? i need to pay more attention but ya i think i missed it because i was too tired riiiight that counts as a reason

oh well. i should probably end here on a positive note because sleep is important and i was v deprived yesterday sooooo goodnight!! ♡♡♡

x Natasha


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