#014: happenstance

hey y’all

so i guess updates during orientation are/have been pretty frequent because it’s a nice way for me to like refocus and like peacefully process the day’s events and information before i go to bed and all so yeah 🙂

today’s been really chill like matriculation was eh then we had to design/paint our group’s flag for the amazing race and all and can i just say that Saga in general has really talented artists?? like, wow. + for ours in particular Roger did like an amazing job with the Yeti (which is the winter persona our group was assigned bc the three Residential Colleges were assigned seasons for this year’s orientation stuff) and i was super impressed because a) i suck at anything arty and b) i never thought yetis could look that cool but yeah that was gr8

then while the arty talented people worked on the flag, a bunch of us tried to come up with our cheer!! it was really nice getting the creative process going by just bouncing a ton of ideas off of each other and i love how we are pretty much holding to our promise of being a judgement-free zone so yay us!! Fred’s really good with this stuff too so yeah i’m really happy to be working with these people

for CIPE’s urban solo activity, szu and i turned it into a duo instead HAHA and like i won’t go too much into this but … Singaporeans can be unnecessarily skeptical about anything and everything and i honestly just wish people would learn to give and also accept unconditional acts of kindness because ?? it’s really honestly quite disheartening when you try and be nice to people with really good intentions but they just look at you like you’re some sort of con artist like ???

ANYWAY that negativity was a little annoying but the continual bumping into Junyang/our bus ride back to campus together was nice and i was able to like recharge a little

we did the presentation of flags/cheers at the MPH which was fun and all, like i’m glad these people are actually allowing themselves to get really into it rather than like trying to say they’re too cool for it or that like we’re too old to be acting this way because it’s lovely to just have fun and be a kid again + team spirit!!! 🙂

when we were finally dismissed at 11++ we saw Rector Weiss and her dog Milo at the Saga courtyard and my heart went !!!!! because Milo’s a black Labrador Retriever crossed with something they don’t know and my dog’s a pure black Lab so they look really similar except for the fact that my Charcoal’s got floppier ears but still it reminded me so much of my dog it felt like home ♡ we played fetch with him for a while and then i was like dear gOD i need to do some laundry or something so i went upstairs to get my shit

while i was like getting ready to leave one of my suitemates, Hazirah, also decided she wanted to do her laundry so we headed down together! sadly, the two washing machines were filled so we decided to just chill out and wait for Fred and Jamin to come down and collect them when their loads finished

over like the entire period of time we were waiting for our washer/dryer loads, we just chilled with a bunch of guys from my DF group [Caleb, Roger, Isaac, Jamin] and Patrick, a boy from Georgia who looks so much like Canadian David even though he denies it violently

anyway, we had like really great and like actually informative conversations while waiting so Haz and i didn’t go up and shower till much later than we expected HAHA so clearly what Roger and i discussed at the time management booth – that spontaneous hangouts are sometimes the best – proved to be kinda true

it’s been a really lovely night yey i’m looking forward to breakfast with the DF group kids + OGLs + Nishant then dance practice etc 🙂


x Natasha


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