#013: settling

hi so it’s the end of the second day of orientation (and like technically it’s the third because it’s literally almost 2am but anyway) !!!

and i’m sorry i don’t have pictures for you today but it’ll just be a quick one, i’m just waiting for my hair to dry because i forgot my bloody hairdryer of all things 😐

so yeah we spent more time with our DF group (which is also gonna be our OG) today + we met our OGLs julianne (i think?) and cliona and they’ve been really sweet!! and like things with the DF group kids yesterday may have been a tiny bit awkward but i think the ice is finally starting to break and like inside jokes are just starting to be fleshed out [like caleb being expectant and all (yeah this will make no sense without context) etc.] and it’s starting to feel a lot more comfortable so i’m super happy with that??

and i got time today to like sit with szu in my room and talk and just like chill together and it was really nice and anchoring to be honest because idk we haven’t really had much time to just pause and recharge apart from like sleeping hours??

after that we all gathered in the mph which is frickin’ amazing and there’s even mood lighting!! in the ceilings!! to like get the introduction for our amazing race activities/orientation theme in general + starting to learn mass dance which i expected myself to be absolutely horrendous at ?? like, i’ve always wanted to dance but i just…. can’t lmao so ya but it wasn’t as bad as i expected :>

so after all that at 11+++ we headed back to our rooms for the night and like our suite decided to have a meeting so i finally broke out my sugar cookies for sharing?? +1 suitemate points bc i buy people’s love with food yey

and everyone is just so lovely like they’re all wonderfully accommodating and not demanding and all plus we could just like talk because idk it was just easy and i’m really really thankful for that 🙂 hopefully everything continues this nicely hehe we’re going shopping for decorations for our common room soon so that’s gonna be fun

i’m just… really really happy to be here right now #blessed

x Natasha


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