#012: renewal

so we just finished our first day of orientation activities after moving in earlier today and i am absolutely exhausted. I honestly couldn’t fall asleep for hours last night due to a mixture of anxiety and excitement and a little disbelief that it would be the last time i slept in that bed/room/house for a long while

i mean, i spent ages trying to make the space i called my own feel like a safe and happy place for me to be so i could continue creating content that i enjoyed and to maintain my own mental health and LOOK it’s so pretty i can’t believe i had to leave it 😦
Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

so we left for yale-nus this morning and when i looked at the pile of things i was going to bring i was like ??? there was so much but ok i take it back after seeing some of the others’ rooms, i think i have underpacked especially with the clothes?? whatever i can rectify this soon.FullSizeRender

just look omg campus is so pretty i can’t believe i’ll be living and studying here for four whole yearsFullSizeRender (1)

dis my room it’s not completely done yet because i was too lazy to fix up my fairy lights and polaroids etc but ok!! satisfactory yeyFullSizeRender (2)

see, vic, i brought my drumpad and sticks to practice while i’m on campus stop doubting me 😦 alsooo look at the pretty fake flower essential oil diffuser i love it ♡ and my stripy mug/watercolor flower tumbler omg i’m so easily satisfied HAHA but yay ok i’m happy with these things i’m surrounding myself with
FullSizeRender (3)and my sheets!! super important HAHA because i need something that feels safe and like home so i brought my favourite set of sheets plus the quilt i use at home (which is unnecessarily heavy for sg weather, but the extra weight makes me feel safer).

ANYWAY so far so good, i am settling in fine and my suitemates all seem really genuinely lovely and i’ve enjoyed chilling/eating with them and talking to them and hopefully they think i’m nice too and we will have a nice year ahead of us especially since we’ll be seeing each other regularly for Dean’s Fellow group meetings (except Hazirah) hmm

here’s hoping for the positivity to stick / hope i can sleep tonight!!

x Natasha


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