#010: hold me down

hey y’all

i guess it’s been forever since i last posted a real update but i keep writing posts and deleting/privating them because ?? i don’t know, maybe sometimes raw emotion isn’t best presented on public platforms but yeah okay that’s why i’ve been a little quiet despite my pretty regular updates

i promise there’ll be something up after i move in on saturday ok!! but for now here’s another song of the week if you’re even remotely interested in my music taste?

you should know by now that i’m a sucker for female vocals definitely as well as pretty, well-written lyrics plus synth backup tracks have been growing on me lately. so i guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that halsey caught my attention when i saw a couple of photosets of her absolutely gorgeous hair in various colors (like, goals.) and lyrics from her song colors [which hasn’t been released as a studio version yet and i am absolutely furious] and i was like, i have got to check out this lady bc she seems pretty cool

so i went on spotify (what a lifesaver) and listened through whatever songs she had available on there and i fell hard for her music wow

so this is a song titled hold me down from her upcoming studio album badlands (because i can’t get you a high quality version of colors) and i absolutely cannot wait. the way she writes and sings, i can’t believe she’s only two years older than me?? it was really refreshing because sometimes going to karaoke/taking breaks from my own music and listening to a lot more pop just desensitizes me to music as an experience and this was just… a lot of emotion packed into a tiny pretty package and i don’t really know how her music makes me feel yet but i just love it??

she reminds me of a more pop version of lynn gunn’s voice both literally and lyrically speaking so yeah that’s definitely my type of thing

you were red and you liked me ’cause i was blue
you touched me and suddenly i was a lilac sky
and you decided purple just wasn’t for you

everything is blue
his pills, his hands, his jeans
and now I’m covered in the colors
pulled apart at the seams

go listen to her ok i’m always here for female creators especially when they understand the importance of intersectional feminism and i just think she could be a good influence and she needs more people to hear what she has to say 🙂

i’ll be back soon when i have things worth blogging about!!

x Natasha


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