#009: worth it

time for another song of the week!

okay, so the last two have been kinda heavy and they’re bands whose songs can be pretty dark + i don’t wanna be too repetitive so here’s some pop for a change

and no, there’s really nothing wrong with pop okay i am unabashedly a fan of songs that just make you wanna dance and this is definitely one of them!!

i mean, man. i’m not a huge fifth harmony fan (yet? idk) but this song a l w a y s gets stuck in my head when i hear it on the radio/when i’m out and about and it’s just so infectious?!

plus i’m all for more ladies in mainstream media especially when they’re pushing out great messages like this girl group seems to try and do

so yeah, worth it is definitely a feel-good song worth listening to if you don’t mind getting completely addicted to that backing track

also, who could resist camila cabello in a suit? what a cutie.

x Natasha


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