#007: contrast

hi y’all

so i finally met up with my overly attached friends [Szujin and Ernest] for the first time in a while because our lovely szu has been in sydney for what felt like forever

anyway we met up for lunch at Bugis+’s outlet of 49 Seats because they had this super amazing promotion that our aunty ernest managed to spot which got us super cheap pasta! we were super lucky because we were the last three who got to pay the promotion price yay thank u @ the someone up there who was looking out for us
FullSizeRender (1)

this was our food yey i got the tomyum seafood pasta, szu got creamy smoked duck pasta and ernest got classic carbonara and they were all lovely omg 10/10 would recommend. we also got some fried escargot to share but we devoured them before we could photograph them with the pasta soooo…. yeah.

the tomyum seafood pasta was really good like wow i did not expect tomyum and cream to go this well together!! the balance was good and the cream neutralized a little of the spiciness which was great because my tolerance for spicy food isn’t that high and yet it still managed to retain the authentic tomyum flavor

plus the mussels and prawns they used were p good too and overall i would probably get that again bc i enjoyed it ♡

After that, it was off to Chinatown for a 5 hour karaoke session at ten dollar club 🙂 we were probably the first group to enter once they opened at 2pm lmao we are Eager Beavers but it’s ok enthusiasm is good!!

i really enjoy going for karaoke with szu and ernest because while i’m normally quite self-conscious about my singing especially with microphones/other people listening, i guess i’m just comfortable enough around them now to put that aside and just fully enjoy the experience!!

and let me just say that five hours of karaoke is really draining omg this is coming from a trained choir kid and i just….. it was a good kind of tired though, plus the duration gave us sufficient time to warm up before belting crazy high notes [looking @ u whitney houston]

it was lovely as always, i hope we can continue these kbox outings even as our schedules start to change when uni starts..

at 7 we had to leave pretty promptly since another group was waiting to use the room so we proceeded to dhoby ghaut for dinner (since szu had to meet her mom at city hall/tanjong pagar after that)

we went to queue at this ramen place at szu’s recommendation but when we reached the front of the queue we realized that it wasn’t really our thing so… WE LEFT HAHA what a waste of time #badlifedecisions

we decided to go to nam nam instead because i’ve never tried plus it was a Monday night so there was no queue yay pho ♡

FullSizeRender (2)

and coffee, of course

i’ve been having this insatiable craving for iced coffee lately omg nothing fancy just coffee, milk and ice which is a huge deviation from the heavily sugared and flavored concoctions i preferred in the past.

ANYWAY we had a nice long talk and it’s nice to know that some experiences and frustrations are universal 🙂 i won’t really go into it because some of the stuff is more private so i’d rather not put it all up on the internet for anyone to read but.. yeah.

it’s always nice to know that you’re not alone and that whatever you’re going through, someone’s probably going through the exact same thing or has already been through it so you will be able to survive it 🙂

got home at about 1030 thanks to no traffic at night yey and i saw my zalora package lying on the table…
FullSizeRender (3)sometimes you really can forget that you’ve ordered something online on impulse until the credit statement comes in or when the package finally shows up HAHA at least i only bought one heavily discounted top though, so not much buyer’s remorse!!

not looking forward to tomorrow ’cause i’ll be the only one working with rachel which means non-stop busyness for the entirety of my seven hour shift /cries

but it’s k i’m better off than many people in the world at least i have things to do and money to earn and a house to live in and food to eat etc.!! #positivity

hopefully i survive haha i’ll probably update y’all later this week after the 21p concert on thursday with suen ern and nisha woohoo excites ♡♡♡

x Natasha


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