#006: whirlwind

hi y’all, it’s been a really long couple of days and i’ve finally found some time to sit down and write about it so please prepare yourself for a long rambly/incoherent post filled with more photos than necessary

so let’s start off from where i left off after my previous post, which was the day of my health check at nus’s university health centre!! i was feeling p nervous about it because i really don’t like health checks and talking to/being prodded all over by doctors and ugh the thought of having to do a pee test was putting me off because the idea was just so ???

but yknow these things are unavoidable and eventually the day rolled around and i got up way earlier than i normally do to make my way to nus and by some stroke of luck i ended up right behind Vivek in the queue! we seem to have a lot of fate because we were roomies for the experience yale-nus weekend (due to some admin screw up probably) and we met each other again on the bus to the ync movie night!! anyway, it was lovely to have someone to talk to while waiting for the whole ordeal to be over and i couldn’t go with Szujin since she was living it up in Sydney sigh 😦

anyway the doctor i got was super fast and professional about it but i think i was just too jumpy, i probably irritated her by flinching anytime her skin/stethoscope touched me oops…
FullSizeRender (1)

after that i went to holland v for lunch with Vivek, Zhi Hao (i thiiink) and Sonia (even though sonia had to leave early boo next time!!), thanks for inviting me along, y’all 🙂 the food was rly good omg italian has gotta be one of my all time favorites and the conversation was great too it was lots of fun 🙂

rushed home and showered/took a nap before heading over to coro to meet Jiayi for dinner ’cause we were supposed to go for hwachong’s elddfs drama production to support yining 🙂 
 FullSizeRender (5)

these were the tickets omg they looked like airplane boarding passes like wow so cool?? and it was a great play [homesick by alfian sa’at] and the cast/crew were amazing so props to y’all!!

FullSizeRender (3)

FullSizeRender (1)

took a couple of grainy and poorly-lit photos with yinny before she had to run off to do president things again

FullSizeRender (2)

elddfs’s lit wing has this thing where you can give them a prompt and they’ll write you something using a typewriter for a dollar and i’ve been wanting to check it out because it sounds really cool haha writing on demand is definitely not something i can do like… i can’t even write for myself, let alone others?

anyway, jiayi and i struggled for forever trying to come up with prompts but we had nothing so we got a matched pair of thunder/lightning and this is mine (thank u nicoroars!!)

so that was thursday, and the next day i slept in again then headed out for a six hour shift at work sighpie 5-11pm is not. fun.

but then again i enjoy working with Britney and Rachel a lot, they’re a lot of fun and they try to be inclusive in conversations with me even though they barely know me, compared to how long they’ve known each other. we almost always end up talking about weirdly personal and sometimes rated topics lmao /inserts moon emoji

since one of us always craving something (what? the truffle fries always smell amazing ok.) we’ve been splitting dishes the past couple of nights and we finally decided to order some sashimi!! it’s a little pricey so we were like 😦 and we tried to ask chef alan to maybe give us an additional slice to round it up to 6 so we could divide it between us more equally and… he gave us a shit ton more than one extra slice yey thank u chef ♡

FullSizeRender (4)

so that was a really gr8 night but by the time i got home it was probably around midnight? and i was supposed to meet thengfong the next morning for brunch and i was super afraid of oversleeping because i’ve been waking up at 11 earliest these few weeks… thankfully i wasn’t too late!!

took a nice long walk from botanic gardens mrt to evans road with lovely construction scenery (lmao) for brunch at assembly coffee! i was kinda scared it would be crowded but i was just like ok whatever fingers crossed!! and thankfully there were plenty of seats when we got there yay

as usual i struggled the most with deciding what to order because i’d been thinking about ordering the earl grey caramel waffles that i’d seen in my online research but thengfong said he wanted to order it first :c in the end i think my indecisiveness caused him to relent and switch his order to the shibuya honey toast instead hehe thanks 🙂

the food was good and the coffee was good and the conversation was gr8!! it was nice to hear about his army experience haha idk why this is still so interesting to me but i do enjoy hearing what the boys have to say after their whole bmt experience and i think i’ll retain this interest for the remainder of the time that they’re serving ns??
FullSizeRender (5)

FullSizeRender (6)

yay pretty yummy food i didn’t have to stand on a chair to photograph because i have mad skillz

after brunch thengfong had to run off to celebrate his cousin’s birthday so i headed home to chill out before drums and sigh this week’s lesson was p disappointing but i guess it’s to be expected since i neglected practice in favor of working more but… oh well i hope it gets better and i’ll try to practice more i hate seeing myself regress

on a lighter note i really love liquid lipsticks because they’re so easy to blend what the heck? if you follow my instagram account, you’d probably have seen that i blew quite a bit of money on too faced‘s melted lipsticks in the shades velvet and peony. and while i love bright red lipstick enough to just wear velvet on its own, the formula for peony isn’t pigmented/opaque enough for me so i just mixed it manually with my fingers to make a darker pink and oh my god it works like i charm i can literally have whatever shade in between the two colors i bought !!! [@too faced pls sponsor me thanks i lov u]


anyway after this completely irrelevant tofu face (sigh my cheeks) i went to the cat museum for my weekly shift!! this here in the basket is Goofy and he’s incredibly shy/scared around people so Jieyin and I wrapped him up into a little precious purrito and sat him down at the desk to do reception duty with us for a couple of hours





also i never knew how translucent cat ears could be omg his skin is veined like a leaf so cool/gross??? and like it makes me wonder how much blood comes out of the tipping that vets do to mark strays as sterilized and boo idk i know it’s a necessary indicator i just don’t want the poor babies to feel any pain 😦



the return of channing’s dumb grumpy face 🙂 he didn’t go for walkies today so he just meandered around the second floor hissing at the other gingers because he’s Such An Alpha Male ugh you stupid baby why r u like this


look at jupiter and jenny sleeping together all cozy and sweet
except the second they wake up they’re back to hissing and swatting at each other like… why

princess jenny with her pocahontas-esque flower (no room for a full headdress on a cat) and queen victoria “we are not amused” face nawww


and if you follow me on instagram you’d have seen this already haha Oreo and his beaded lookalike!! it’s the season of centre-parting cats at the museum now because we have quite a few? and the resemblance can be quite uncanny, Pixel looks almost exactly like Oreo tbh

like what Dorothy said, i can’t wait to see the pattern of next season’s cats hehe IMG_8955

IMG_8951 IMG_8960 IMG_8959

look at this sleeping cuddly bubu.
this is huey! he has two sisters, louie and dewey, but he’s the best at being held. like legit, you can just put him down on your lap or something and once he gets comfortable (like in his strange position in the first photo) he’ll just settle and stay there and purr for ages, what a sweetheart

i don’t even really like ginger cats that much, i normally have a soft spot for black/tuxedo/tortie cats but huey really just stole my heart today ♡

after cats i took a nice long walk with jieyin all the way from purvis street to ion like we used to haha it’s been ages since i’ve spent this much time alone with my best friend and i am so grateful

we used to be really different but as our experiences converged so did our personalities and after o’s when we went on to different places and different things we began to diverge again and we’re really like yin and yang in that in some ways we are exactly the same and in others, we are polar opposites and i’m just glad you’re there to listen to me ramble on stupidly about my existential crises and help me refocus/look at things differently, thank you for being wonderfully you ♡♡♡

IMG_8968okay i’ll end off today’s picspam with my dumb face drinking my smoothie HAHA i was just trying to see if my lipstick survived my long day out before returning home ok don’t judge my vanity

alsoooo i got the notification that i’ll be staying in Saga College in ync and that i’ll be going to Laos for orientation and i think the gods are smiling down on us ’cause Szujin got posted to the same place!!! So excited and nervous and happy that this is all going to start soon 🙂

This weekend’s been crazy with its ups and downs but it’s like Scott/Deaton said on Teen Wolf this season [ok yes i am mtv trash let me enjoy my trash show]: “Have you ever heard the term “regression to the mean”? It’s a bit of a technical way of saying things will always even out. Like things will always get better? More like things can’t always be bad. So, no matter how bad things get, or how good, they always come back to the middle.”

And yeah, things really do just balance out and i’m glad i’ve become less myopic and stopped panicking and thinking that everything’s falling apart the minute a couple things start to go wrong

Tomorrow, the boys from the May intake start at their new postings and while i’m kind of worried, i know my friends are definitely strong enough to take whatever life & the SAF decides to throw at them. i hope everyone has a great week ahead, stay strong y’all! Positive energy never hurts 🙂

x Natasha


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