#005: migraine

so, this week’s music obsession is a day early but that’s okay schedules don’t need to be adhered to rigidly!!

it’s only logical that my obsession this week is something off of twenty one pilots‘ discography since i am listening to everything on vessel and blurryface in order to prepare for their concert next week

and while my love for basically all the tracks on blurryface has been plastered all over my twitter page since it came out, i’m taking some time to revisit vessel in more depth since i never really listened to that album much apart from guns for hands?

on my bus ride to nus today (more on that later) i came across this track titled migraine and it’s basically everything i needed to hear today and that i wished i heard back in upper secondary/pre-a’s period. the lyrics are so so so good  just go and listen to the song and have a look at the lyrics because tyler joseph is an angel and he knows what he’s talking about and if i were to quote my favorite lyrics it’d be the whole song sooo…

here’s a list of my top three favorite lyrics in no particular order i guess??

  1. i know that i can fight or i can let the lion win / […] / ’cause sometimes to stay alive you’ve got to kill your mind
  2. whether it’s the weather or the letters by my bed / sometimes death seems better than the migraine in my head
  3. am i the only one i know / waging a war behind my face and above my throat? / shadows will scream that i’m alone / but i know we’ve made it this far, kid

just go listen to it this song is fantastic twenty one pilots is amazing i’m so excited for their concert next week can you tell !!!

as always, lots of love

x Natasha


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