#003: fireworks

it’s been a very long and eventful weekend wow starting with dinner/makeup shopping on fri night with maisarah and nerissa where i blew more money than i should’ve on lipsticks and mascara that i’ve been eyeing for ages oops

oh well i know i worked to earn the money i spent and i’m fairly certain i’ll still fit this month’s budget anyway so treat yo self 🙂

had a nice long talk with the girls and ate too much food [what else is new] which was really great because we haven’t been spending much time together lately? talking on whatsapp/tumblr is completely different and i’m just glad we got the chance to be absolutely ridiculous bimbos together again for a couple of hours

barely slept two hours and then it was time to get going for the may intake boys’ POP! it’s the second time i’ve gone for POP with abigail and nerissa already and i’ve been the latest for both whoopsy i have got to stop being such a burden

anyway, i tried to be earlier this time around and i succeeded but… god had other plans for us because when we entered the seating area of the floating platform, it started pouring. like seriously, we couldn’t see anything across the water and it was super cold so we decided to retreat back into the sheltered stairwell.


yup that’s us looking drenched and sad 😦 we took that photo to send to our male friends in an effort to guilt them into being more thankful for our presence that wonderful morning haha

“Why are we even doing this for them, it’s not like any of them are our boyfriends!?” tru


IMG_8639 1


but yey we endured the parade while shivering and trying not to fall asleep/pass out/get wetter and we went to look for our friends!! so proud of you boys yey it was so convenient because all three of the guys i was looking for were from the same coy? #fate omg even my ex was in that coy ….. *crickets*

there’s an odd sense of pride in knowing that your friends were able to (more than just) survive bmt/the 28km route march haha you boys have grown a lot, props to y’all!!



took photos with the girls + qiaole because i just happened to meet her while talking to thengfong!! saw weiqi&harry and tina too but we didn’t get to take photos 😦

after POP and all, i went for breakfast with nerissa somewhere in citylink mall then headed home to shower before drums and i was absolutely exhausted my god so much regret!!

after that i had to fly down to city hall for the second time that day to meet xinying and esther because nick and kester managed to hook us up with tickets for the ndp rehearsal, thanks so much you guys!!

since i was already wearing red to the ndp rehearsal i was like “why not wear the red lipstick too it’s not like my look could get any louder” and i freakin’ loved it omg the color was gorgeous and it lasted through my constant water-drinking and chip-munching, thank you too faced for this lovely product that cost more than i expected it to??

IMG_8658 1  IMG_8679

IMG_8665  IMG_8684 IMG_8691

overall the parade was really lovely, some parts were super classy and you could tell that the planners really put a lot of effort into the aesthetic design & cohesiveness of it all. i was so proud to see it?? and i’m not usually one of those National Pride!! Singapore!!1 kind of people so yeah it was goood

even if they were blowing up taxpayers’ money by punctuating every segment with fireworks




managed to catch glimpses of the pretty sunset while the parade was going on too!! the world can be so pretty sometimes :>


so unnecessarily hyped up for national day, i haven’t felt this way in years!! it’s good to know that my stint as a cynic and a skeptic hasn’t permanently damaged the element of childlike wonder in my heart 🙂

IMG_8762 1

woke up this morning after 6 hours of sleep (thrice as much as the night before, yet still not enough) to the news that my dad was getting me coffee!! we may have our disagreements and differences but at the end of the day i know you always care, thank you popsy c:

bused down to the cat museum @ purvis street for my weekly volunteer shift yay i’m always so happy to see my kitties and i’d like to think they’re happy seeing me too




this is Channing. he’s a ginger maine coon who’s just under a year old and my task today for the first half of my shift was to walk him up and down the three storeys of the museum. however, this gorgeous boy was super resistant to the idea of climbing up the stairs so we had no choice but to take the lift up to the fourth floor and walk our way down. there were so many heart attacks and almost-incidents but thankfully nothing happened!! it was a really interesting experience, getting to walk a cat on a leash/harness

IMG_8793 1


and these are the new kittens!! the turnover rate for the kittens at the adoption room is really high so we’re always getting new ones. this rough-and-tumble bunch are only maybe 3 weeks old and their eyes are still kitten-blue, they’re super gorgeous right??

so blessed to be able to see and care for gorgeous lovely cats like these even though i can’t have any at home now yay thank you jessica for setting up this lovely museum!! 10/10 would recommend you to volunteer there (if you regularly have openings in your weekend schedule) or just go visit and see them if you’re normally busy on weekends!!

excited for tomorrow because i’ll finally be able to sleep in and make up for my major sleep debt over the past couple of days, oh my god.

x Natasha


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