#017: choices

this week’s song of the week is credited to Dave’s wonderful music taste and his adamant defense of the local music scene, without which i would never have found Charlie Lim.

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#016: exploration

hey y’all this will be my last update in a week unless i have enough mental energy to edit my posts painstakingly on wordpress mobile while i’m in Laos for the second half of yale-nus’s orientation 🙂

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#015: fatigue

hi y’all, i’ve been gone for a bit because we just spent the past two days crawling/walking/running/flying around Singapore for the amazing race!! all the photos here are by Dave, one of my DF group members, bc i was honestly too tired/lazy to take my phone out of my super full backpack while he was shooting w his dslr /claps

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#012: renewal

so we just finished our first day of orientation activities after moving in earlier today and i am absolutely exhausted. I honestly couldn’t fall asleep for hours last night due to a mixture of anxiety and excitement and a little disbelief that it would be the last time i slept in that bed/room/house for a long while

i mean, i spent ages trying to make the space i called my own feel like a safe and happy place for me to be so i could continue creating content that i enjoyed and to maintain my own mental health and LOOK it’s so pretty i can’t believe i had to leave it 😦
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